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ASP Raises $4,000 at Margaritaville

rick cannon and dawn patrol playing music on stage at margaritaville myrtle beach for ASP fundraiser
  • November 16, 2022

The whole gang was present at the big event held at Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach, Saturday night. So if you weren’t there, I am so sorry! Even Ed Piotrowski (yes, WPDE Weather Hero, Ed Piotrowski) and news anchor Jennifer Abney came by, dressed in their best holiday attire. Do you know what Ed said? He took a moment to talk about his support of our Project and that it was bound to be a very successful evening. He was right!  

The evening event was slated from 5pm - 8pm and before we were even set up we had a line of raving fans at the door eager to help in any way they could. That is one of the most amazing things about this community, we are fiercely inclusive. So if you want to help, we will find you a job to do. Set up went quickly due to all the help and we were greeting, singing, selling Adaptive Surf Project merch and having a whole lot of fun right away. 

Rick Cannon took the stage, volunteering his musical talent and light-hearted style, accompanied by Luke Sharp and Jessie Lane Flowers. What a dynamic trio playing all kinds of fun original songs by Rick and a few of our favorite covers such as My Name is Humpty… just to call out one. We were all singing along through the night while we encouraged everyone to drink margaritas and eat more fried pickles to raise money for our Adaptive Surf Project Fund.

That was not the only way we were able to pull in some support though. We also had two tables full of raffle items and baskets from several local vendors and individual supporters. We had everything from original artwork by local talent Renee McClelland to a beautiful Margaritaville Beach Cruiser Bicycle donated by Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach. We would like to sincerely thank all the people that donated the prizes that kept the raffle sales going even after the music stopped! Check out our Facebook Page for more information on the locals that gave us all the amazing prizes to raffle.

At the end of the night, when all was said and all was not even close to being done, we had succeeded in bringing together an amazing crowd of Surfers, Fans, and New Friends who unified under the margarita hurricane for a fantastic cause and raised $4000.  This money will go directly toward building boards for 4 adaptive surfers. These boards will be adapted specifically to suit their individual style and needs. We give them the best equipment to achieve their surf dreams. 

Our next event is on December 3 and we would love for you to join us again and bring friends. There will be additional raffle prizes and more entries to win the grand prize, a signed surfboard donated by pro surfer and local legend Cam Richards! There will be food specials and live music too.

Thank you everyone, and see you in December at Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach!