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"You get to surf. When do I get to go surfing?"

"During this pandemic, we have not been able to take individuals who happen to have a disability surfing.  However, many of the us surfers who volunteer to help have been able to enjoy the waves.  The other day an adaptive surfer asked me, "You get to surf.  When do I get to go surfing?"

This is a very good question.  Although surfing is not a completely safe activity, we are looking at ways that we can take individuals surfing while reducing the chances of making people sick.  Perhaps, we will take people surfing one person at a time with two volunteers?  We don't have the answer yet, but we are working on it, and are open for suggestions."-Luke Sharp, Director of Adaptive Surf Project

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We believe that individuals who happen to have a disability can surf.


We believe that it is possible for "adaptive surfers" to reach the highest levels of surfing.


We believe that nothing is impossible.

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